Rarely Used React Hooks

Posted on September 2022 #react

I think almost all React devs are familiar with useState(), useCallback(), useEffect() etc. But there are quite a few more than are less…

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Interesting CSS Topics

Posted on May 2022 #css

This page lists some CSS features that I thought were interesting and don't come up often during normal day-to-day work. This page is a WIP…

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Interesting React Topics

Posted on May 2022 #react

This is a list of some interesting (but less often discussed) topics related to React that I thought were interesting. React.Children…

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React Typescript Cheatsheet

Posted on May 2022 #react #typescript

Short guide on some of various ways to correctly type components and related types in React. updated for React 18 Typing a functional…

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Useful docker compose configs

Posted on December 2021 #docker

Here are some useful snippets for quickly getting some services set up with docker. I've left some commented out lines that you may want to…

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